Teacher for 10 years at  ATLA  School in Paris, 3 years at the Conservatoire de Nanterre,  bands coach at la Clef de Saint-Germain-en-Laye.  For 25 years, leading Blues and Rock guitar workshops at the Patrimonio guitar festival.
Articles in  Guitare et Claviers, Guitar Magazine et French Guitar

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Rate: 30 €/hour
Monthly fixed price 4 h : 100 €.

Rate: 25 €/hour
Monthly fixed price 4 h : 80 €.

4 hours in the afternoon / 2 days
RATE for 8 hrs : 150 €.

4 hours in the afternoon / 4 days
RATE for 16 hrs : 250 €.

or by bank transfer

The goal of my lessons and clinics is to improve your sense of improvisation on the guitar by helping you to have a better timing (sense of rhythm, metronome), to know all the notes on the fretbiard (to know how to play in all keys), to develop your technical knowledge and your repertoire, Blues, Rock, Metal, Jazz, World Music, Classical, Country…

My private lessons deal with all these subjects and personalize them for every student. The lessons are recorded and you have guitar sheets and GuitarPro scores. 

The course content

Study of rhythm
The most frequent rhythms :
Binary, ternary, asymmetrical / anthology riffs / accompaniment / percussion / how to use the metronome / pick or fingers / talk rhythms etc..

Study of the main tools for improvising :

Cycle of fourths, fifths / knowledge of intervals / harmonization of major, minor, dominant, diminished, augmented scales / modes / triads / tetradas / pentas / arpeggios / melodic patterns / cadences / harmonic progressions / substitutions / reharmonization of themes etc.

Work on the basic techniques :

Blues, Rock, Metal, Jazz : the sound / clean / distortion / mute / effects / alternate up and down / sweep / hybrid / tapping / slide / legato / vibrato / bend / string skip / double stops / chord playing / octaves / slap / 8 finger touch / left hand only / finger style / harmonics / rolls / feedback etc.

Study of new songs
Analysis of the style of the Great Guitarists
  according to the affinities of the students :

Couldn’t stand the Weather Stevie Ray Vaughan
Solo de Red House, Little Wing etc.
Van Halen
Satch Boogie, Midnight
Cliffs of Dover
Eric Johnson
Fugue de la Toccata J.S.
Bach en tapping
Solo de
Mark Knopfler
dans Sultans of Swing
Dire Strait
Donna Lee
Charlie Parker
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat Mingus
Nuages Django
The Unmerry Go Round Allan Holdsworth

Jingles Wes Montgomery
Valses Manouches
All the things you are
Take five
Paul Desmond
Back in Black
Cause we ended as lovers
Jeff Beck
Ron Thal
I’ll see the light
Teen Town
Jaco Pastorius
Thèmes de Musique Classique,
Musiques de Film
World Music Africaine, Indienne, Brésilienne, Cubaine

Course content and organization

The program each day for 4 days, 4 hours a day is :

– One hour of
study of rhythm and the most frequent rhythmic patterns…
– One hour of work on basic techniques (Blues, Rock, Metal, Jazz)
– One hour’s study of the main tools for improvisation
– One hour of study of new songs or analysis of the style of the Great Guitarists.