I discovered music at the age of 5 with the violin, at 9, with the harmonica, 11, the accordion, 13, the clarinet, 15, the guitar, 18, the flute, 20, the drums, 21, the Indian sitar, the synths, the bass… well, I stop, all that doesn’t mean anything, except that I tried !
My first concert takes place on a boxing ring, during Guy Lux’s famous TV show Intervilles, where I represent my city – Granville vs Coutances – and I win the battle!
When I was 20 years old, I received the prize for the best amateur jazz soloist, awarded by the Académie du Jazz presided over by Mimi Perrin and Maurice Cullaz.


At 21, I make the trip France – India, round trip in Simca 1000, take sitar lessons with Siroj Qoorashi in Lahore, and return by the road of the gypsies: India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Austria, Germany.

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Pierre est assis sur le capot de sa simca 1000 sur une route en Asie

A beautiful friendship with René Thomas, the greatest jazz guitarist of Europe at the time, (4 hours of scales together per day for months), followed collaborations with Eddy Louiss, Alain Tabar Nouval, Jacques Thollot (I am the bass player in his group, alongside Michel Grailler, Joachim Kuhn and Georges Locatelli), Barney Willen (double album Moshi), Albi Cullaz (opera Donna Mobile by Claude Prey at the Avignon Festival in 73), the group Alan Jack Civilisation, the storytellers of the Bruno De La Salle company for the play Gargantua, tours with the storyteller Yannick Jaulin (Géants, 1989)…


At the same time, I have a series of sessions or concerts with great artists : Jacques Higelin, Bjork, Marianne Faithfull, Hector Zazou, the New Corsican Polyphonies (Victoire de la musique in 1992), Zazou Bikaye (4 albums), Cheb Kader (Tours in Europe, Japan, Reunion Island), Volt Face (Tours in the West Indies, double  album live at the Élysée Montmartre) Micky Abrahams (guitarist of Jethro Tull, London Music Fair), Michel Redolfi (album Music on Mars), Opening concert of the 1998 Football World Cup at Place de la Concorde with Hector Zazou…

I set up different groups with whom I tour or record: first with Daniel Givonne and Marcel Aubé; then with Daniel Largent, Chris Henry, Patrick Morgenthaler. I write an arrangement of Caravan with 3 guitars that I play with Andrei Svetlov, Chris Henry, Mathias Desmier, and Sylvestre Planchais on the compilation Guitare Attitude


My interest in sound processing leads me to experiment with new technologies applied to lutherie: first ORS synth guitar (1976), eight-stringed six-octave guitar designed by Vincent Berton (in 1986 before Ibanez!).
International Guitar Manager at Hohner for 3 years, I designed the Hohner Revelation guitar with Trevor Wilkinson and the DNG team, which was elected Guitar of the Year in Great Britain in 1992 and which I demoed at the Namm Show in Los Angeles and at the Paris and Frankfurt shows…


With Emile de la Tour, I designed a revolutionary tube polyphonic saturation pedalboard that can be listened to on YouTube and on our site

I was a teacher for 10 years at the Atla school, 3 at the conservatory of Nanterre.
For 25 years, I have been leading Blues and Rock guitar workshops at the Patrimonio guitar festival.
For a few years now, I’ve been posting my videos on YouTube like everyone else. I work as much on the visual aspect as on the audio, writing a scenario for each clip.