I’ve been recording bands of all styles, singers, drummers, guitarists…for 30 years. I’ve been shooting clips for musicians, recording them in audio with Cubase and in video with 3 HD cameras on a green background for inserts and editing. 

The 35 m2 OHM studio is equipped with the best recording gear : Cubase 10.5, RME FireFace 802 sound card, Shure SM 57 microphones, Audio Technica AT 4033, TB 1 Studio Project, etc … Mackie 1604 VLZ3 console…

The 10 available guitars, their 8 amps and 22 effects are top instruments : 2 Strats US, Fender signature Roscoe Beck bass, Ibanez Prestige, Godin LGx S1, Favino acoustic, 2 Soldano amps, Fender Hot Rod Deville Michael Landau, Mesa mini Rectifier, Mesa Transatlantic, 

Ampeg Basse SVT 3, Fractal Axe FX II and FX8 effects, Eventide H3000, polyphonic all tube distortion, Kurzweil 2500 synths, Novation SuperNova, Omnisphere, Reaktor, Padshop… can be controlled by a Strat or a Godin via the Axon RX 100 MIDI interface…

Rate : 30 € per hour
Fixed price for the day of 8 h : 180 €
Rates can be adjusted according to the projects.